Epigenetic traumas 

Included in this session: a video file, links for additional reading, and a quiz

Watch the short video, familiarize yourself with the information at the links provided, and answer the quiz at the bottom before the next call.

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It is absolutely possible to heal your future by healing your past.  In fact, it is the ONLY ways to heal your future.
Any healing you experience is carried into your future two-fold.

One way:
You are a healthier person and benefit from your healthier choices
Second way:
Your children are healthier, and you BOTH benefit from their healthy boundaries and healthier approach to life.

You may be wondering HOW can you heal your future? Let’s review epigenetic trauma so we can better understand the need for epigenetic healing…

The amazing thing about epigenetics is that whatever YOU have already healed is then passed on to your offspring as part of their epigenetic markers. So how do you heal the epigenetic markers?

Time truly does *help* heal all wounds, but some of us have LOTS of traumas… and what if you want to heal in *this* lifetime?

To get started, know that this is a multi-level issue, often going back multiple generations. The good news is that you do NOT have to know what the damages are/were in order to heal them. Your body knows what to do, and you need to release the energy tied up in your traumas so you can heal those traumas.

Much like a fingernail that has been ‘bitten down’ it may appear there is no growth, that you have to DO something to grow longer nails. The truth is you need only give your body the resources it needs to let it do what it already does. It heals. Time can heal nails, and hearts, and epigenetic traumas. You can also make progress MUCH faster (in this lifetime!) by supporting your body as it does what it naturally does.

For your nails to heal you need to:

  • stop biting them off
  •  protect them from harsh elements
  • provide nutrients to support their growth
  • exercise your fingers to increase blood flow (increased blood flow=faster healing)

For your body to heal so that you can be the most present most non-triggered birthworker EVER you need to:

  • stop being triggered
  • protect your personal energy
  • provide ways for your body’s energy to do what it does
  • move and keep your blood flowing as your natural healing does what it does

You can do these things in many different ways – every time you heal one of your own triggers you are a step closer to being able to be present with your client’s triggers without using more of your own energy.

After you watch the video,  the following documents will help frame the next section of the training.

Required reading – understanding that trauma is often not from this lifetime

Additional resources to support your understanding of the importance of honoring epigenetics – read through these to get an overview of how unhealed trauma affects everyone.

This is my passion, I understand if you don’t want to read ALL of them. You can just skip down to the quiz below.  

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