The “Do No Harm and Take No Crap” Package

This package is for anyone who has specific/acute experiences, trauma triggers, or ongoing stress that needs focus and ongoing support.

I am so happy you want to work together bringing more peace in your life.

The powerful life energy around birth, pregnancy, family, and personal power are areas of your life that directly affect every other area of your life. You are so passionate at heart – it used to drive you… maybe it feels more like work lately. The (attainable!) goal is bring back the way that passion used to power you, before you felt you had to power the passion!

By making a decision to move forward with your healing the energy previously invested in keeping your experience at arms-length has already begun re-investing itself.

Perhaps you can feel the power rumbling under there (sometimes it leaks out of your eyes or makes your heart beat really quickly!) and unleashing it can feel scary. When you have support and learn how to channel it that energy will power your healing.  These sessions support that new energy investment and your new, stronger energetic foundation – starting with your (before your!) birth and moving forward.

We will address:

  • Your own birth traumas
  • Specific traumas that trigger you now
  • Personal energy investment strategies
  • Epigenetic patterns
  • Energy balancing  tools for trigger-taming
  • Ways to reclaim the joy and trust that was affected by your traumas

You will continue to have:

  • New ways to cope with stress
  • More joy in your life
  • Better relationships
  • clarity for your next steps
  • energy to spare
These are interactive sessions where you and I work together specifically on what comes up for YOU.  Every week you get a new power tool to practice, and we talk by phone or meet in person for 6 sessions over 12 weeks to help support your journey to peace.

You and I will work together to find a time that works with your schedule.

With this investment you receive:

  • A completely customized approach to your challenges. 
  • My Coming to Peace Power Tools with every session. 
  • 6 private one-on-one (in-person or phone) sessions with “Do No Harm And Take No Crap” coaching and support over the next 12 weeks.
  • Unlimited email/text support – send me anything you would like address – great for those days between calls that something comes up and you want to be sure it is addressed during our next call. You aren’t alone.
  • The place to be completely transparent with zero judgement as you navigate your personal life map. 
  • A personal accountability partner as you release the trauma to uncover who you want to be. 

You can start sending me thoughts/feeling/items you want to address immediately, I will customize your sessions around what you need.  You can send them via text or email so no matter where you are it takes only a second to put it in the basket to be addressed.

To register via check contact me for a mailing address.
To pay via paypal/debit/credit:

$1247.00 for 12-week full-time support and accountability