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Coming To Peace With A Less Than Peaceful Birth call
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I hear from women how they: 

  • Have regret over detailed birth plans that did not happen, or they feel were thwarted by their ‘support’ people.
  • Still wish, even decades later, that some aspect of their birth experience had been different.
  • Felt the very real fear of hurting their baby was used as a tool to get them relinquish their decision making process to people they had only met minutes earlier.
  • Felt betrayed by their body – they knew they ‘should have’ been able to accomplish this natural process.
  • Felt frustrated by their hired team, who they feel did not support them in the way they expected.
  • Censor their birth story when sharing it to make it seem they were happy about the outcome, though there was some aspect they are downright angry about. They don’t want to seem ungrateful or whiny.
  • Know their experience(s) birthing colored the very way they see the world, and the way they connect with future generations.
  • Want to release the anger, betrayal, and shame surrounding their less-than-peaceful experiences.

Are YOU at peace with your birthing experience? 

Do you (maybe even YEARS later):

  • Still ‘wish’ some part of your birthing experience was different?
  • Tell your birth story with lots of extra explaining about how “it HAD to be that way”
  • Want to be at peace with any aspect of your experience?

What would life be like if you could… ?

  • Release the feelings of shame or failure?
  • Recognize that you did do the best you could with the information, support, and energy you had at the time? 
  • Grow to love your experience and the contribution it made to who you are today?

Did you know you can release those feelings and painful memories without reliving or even talking about the experience?


Do you want to know how to get started?

Join me on our call this month or register to get the recording to listen to at a later date.

  1. It is not necessary to tell or revisit your story to benefit from this call
  2. If you DO want to have your intention read on the call for group focus, you can send a your story to be included via:
  3. Register to attend


If you work with women and want to bring clarity and your best self to that relationship check out the schedule below to join me at a workshop or webinar to become a more balanced Mindset Creator.

You can work along with my Birthing Peace Within Tips and Tools for Postpartum Peace to create your mindset from a place of clarity — (do that at the upper right hand corner of this page if you haven’t already done this!)

Mindset Coolness — Click here to read an article to understand how your peace can be passed down to the next generation.

Upcoming Events


New series:  Mothering the Mothering Mindset calls –  Third Tuesdays

Coming To Peace With A Less Than Peaceful Birth

Did you write a lovely birth plan that you were excited about yet the reality was nothing like your dream? Do you feel what actually occurred was unrecognizable or feel your plans were thwarted at every turn?

Carrying around the pain, anger, and shame from that experience can feel like a heavy weight. People after don’t even realize how heavy it is.

What would life be like if you could let go of that weight?  What if it were possible to release the past without reliving it?
That is exactly what I am offering in these calls. Join us for a call or register to get the recording.
You do not have to attend a workshop to participate in this call.
Register here – replay is available to registered participants who cannot attend in person.

Monthly Active Mindset Creator Calls – Third Tuesdays

This series of calls are for those who have taken a Mindset Creator Workshop course in the past or are working with me in private sessions.  The calls are an opportunity to ask questions, harness group energy to facilitate shifts, and gain clarity.
Contact if you need directions on how to connect.  Recordings available for registered participants who cannot attend in person.

Midwife Mindset workshops being planned across the USA and beyond!

This workshop is geared towards individuals working with women who are undergoing one of the most powerful shifts in their lives – birth! Clear birth traumas and gain clarity so you can be the best, most present midwife ever.
This workshop is required for graduation from the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

If you are interested in attending or hosting a Birthing Peace Within or Midwife Mindset workshop in your area contact

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