Do you work with women who do any of the following
…and it wears you out?!

  • Have trouble seeing you as “not the person who hurt them” previously and accepting your help?
  • Have anger or regret over birth plans that did not happen.
  • Still wish, even years (or even decades later), that some aspect of their birth experience had been different.
  • Felt the very real fear of hurting their baby was used as a tool to get them relinquish their decision making process to people they may have only met minutes earlier.
  • Felt betrayed by their body – they knew they ‘should have’ been able to accomplish this natural process.
  • Felt frustrated with their previous team, who they feel did not support them in the way they expected.
  • Censor their birth story when sharing it to make it seem they were happy about the outcome, though there was some aspect they are downright angry about. They don’t want to seem ungrateful or whiny.
  • Know their experience(s) birthing colored the very way they see the world, and the way they connect with future generations.
  • Want to release the anger, betrayal, and shame surrounding their less-than-peaceful experiences.

Do you want to develop lifeskills that will help you help them, while bringing you more peace, less stress, and more energy?

Join us for this half-day intensive that will both educate and support the passionate birthworker that you are.

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