Unrealistic Expectations?

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Written by Meg Heket Modern culture views birth as a degrading and humiliating process, one in which women have no control and should expect nothing but a baby afterwards. Women don’t have unrealistic expectations of birth, society has unrealistic expectations of women and of birth. A growing number of sources are proving that when maternity care is humanised, the outcomes … Read More

Empowered Pregnancy Summit


Upcoming events:  Going on NOW: 2015 Empowered Pregnancy Summit May 17th and 18th – Charlotte NC: The Birth Professional Mindset tools and techniques to help you help your clients 2 days of working together in-person to help you become a better supporter of the women you serve! October and November 2015 – Sydney and Geelong Australia workshops – final details soon! Quick reminder … Read More

Bye-Bye Stuff To Die!


Spring is such a beautiful time, and it is spring in the northern hemisphere. Every time spring comes around again I will admit I am super excited to see what is going to pop up in my garden, and what died over the winter.  Part of what is rewarding for me is seeing what remained healthy and weathered the freeze, and what … Read More