Knock a baby down?


How do you know if a challenge you are facing would be affected with a change in mindset?The simple way to know is to ask yourself:Does ANYONE else see it differently?  Anyone means a friend, a family member, or even someone with whom you disagree on most things. Has anyone else ever done what you are trying to do? How differently were they thinking about the problem than you would think about it? As a child we fall down and get back up many times before we ‘give up’. SO… what happens? As an adult many people will not even try new things. They fear falling down and looking silly and their will to get back up is often so much less than when they are younger.This change is mindset. Many adults learning new things talk to themselves in a way they would never talk to a baby who was learning to walk, and they discourage themselves to the point they actually start believing that their mindset is the only reality. That what they want to do is not even possible and they were being silly to try.           

How do you encourage a baby who is learning to walk?

When a baby falls do you:

  • Shame him for having tried to walk in the first place, I mean – what was he thinking?
  • Discourage her from trying again?
  • Encourage him to try something easier instead – after all, he has never done THIS before

When you fall do you talk to yourself like you would talk to a baby who fell?

As an active mindset creator you have an advantage over a baby, you can choose to: 

  • Encourage yourself when you fall – you were TRYING!
  • Decide what to do differently when you try again
  • Consciously choose to try new things all of the time

If you talked to yourself with the same level of encouragement you give a baby you would find yourself clapping and laughing when you fell, and if you have an ‘I can try anything’ mindset you would get back up with a smile on your face.Next time you fall, do not to replace fall with the word fail. They are NOT the same. Talk to yourself like you would talk to the baby above… you’ll get it next time!
you can do it!
way to go!
good job!
try again!
nice try!
you are learning!
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