Unrealistic Expectations?

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Written by Meg Heket Modern culture views birth as a degrading and humiliating process, one in which women have no control and should expect nothing but a baby afterwards. Women don’t have unrealistic expectations of birth, society has unrealistic expectations of women and of birth. A growing number of sources are proving that when maternity care is humanised, the outcomes … Read More

Hope for a tired heart …at your fingertips


I talk to moms who are experiencing postpartum depression on a daily basis. I know there are days when the overwhelm of it all seems too much, and it feels like it can never get better. So many days is not enough to say ‘count your blessings’ or ‘it gets better’. First you can argue with yourself (either way you … Read More

Empowered Pregnancy Summit


Upcoming events:  Going on NOW: 2015 Empowered Pregnancy Summit May 17th and 18th – Charlotte NC: The Birth Professional Mindset tools and techniques to help you help your clients 2 days of working together in-person to help you become a better supporter of the women you serve! October and November 2015 – Sydney and Geelong Australia workshops – final details soon! Quick reminder … Read More

Bye-Bye Stuff To Die!


Spring is such a beautiful time, and it is spring in the northern hemisphere. Every time spring comes around again I will admit I am super excited to see what is going to pop up in my garden, and what died over the winter.  Part of what is rewarding for me is seeing what remained healthy and weathered the freeze, and what … Read More

Our stories are a way to honor ourselves


My group call earlier this week addressed the way in which other people’s birth stories affect our fear of, or peace with, our own birth – sometimes even before it happens. In the case of a pregnancy the stories affect us as we prepare, with each story going into a category of ‘that could happen to me’ or ‘that was … Read More

WHO code revision shines a light on birth trauma


I am so excited for the world today – especially for women and their children who have yet to be born.  You see, one of the things I would love to see happen in my lifetime is to have Birthing Peace Within workshops and sessions become obsolete. NOT because I don’t love working with people, and seeing them experience peace surrounding their births … Read More

What does failure look like?


Last month I went on several adventures – one was to a family reunion where I was able to do some reading, just hang out with family, and reconnect with several people I have not seen in years. I enjoy my family – I came by my adventuresome spirit honestly and they are a great group of people.Since I was … Read More

Pain from trauma or loss


I read a very touching account of two births this week. A brave mom named Meg gave me permission to share her story. She blogged about the very different experiences she had during the birth of her daughter and the birth of her son. She shared the story in such a way that it was so easy to see how … Read More

Are you worthy?


Upcoming events:  Tuesday July 8th: Coming To Peace With A Less Than Peaceful Birth callfor anyone who felt betrayed by their body or support team – no previous workshop attendance necessary.Also July 8th: Active Mindset Creator call for previous workshop attendees Dear friend , While reading a story about a person whose life experiences included abuse at the hands of a famous person I … Read More