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Managing the Mixed Feelings of Motherhood – November 21 OR Dec 12th
Do you:
have mixed feelings about motherhood?
worry you are not bonding with your child?
think you are not normal and hope nobody finds out?

Sometimes you feel betrayed by your body, your caregiver, the “Hollywood version” of motherhood, or your own expectations.  When our expectations and reality are separated from one another we can be really hard on ourselves, and admitting we are beating ourselves up can be even harder. Join Lori Barklage from Birthing Peace Within as we explore this little-discussed (but common!) phenomenon and what you can do to heal and STOP beating yourself up.

Betrayed by Pregnancy or Birth – December 19th

It was supposed to be amazing. It wasn’t.

You are not a Bad Mom for feeling traumatized when others say ‘you are  lucky… it could have been worse’ or ‘at least you have a healthy baby.’

Maybe you had a pregnancy or birth that others agree was traumatic, and maybe others think it was ‘good enough’ yet you still feel traumatized.

Your feelings are for you to define, and the feelings surrounding your pain are not something that needs to be defended to people who don’t understand. In this session with Lori Barklage from Birthing Peace Within you will hear from others who feel as you do and learn what you can do to come to peace with a traumatic birth or pregnancy.

Monthly Events

Monthly Coming to Peace With a Less-Than-Peaceful Birth webinar

our focus is on any feeling you have of being betrayed by pregnancy or birth.

You will have instant access via the registration process – send in your topics to be included for the group’s attention either before or during the call.

Don’t forget that any workshop/webinar participant is eligible to attend the monthly Birthing Peace Chat/QnA call immediately following our group session. If you have participated in the past and want to join in, be sure to contact me via lori@BirthingPeaceWithin.com to get the call details.

When: The 3rd Tuesday of every month – 12pm Eastern

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I am so happy we are  going to be working together bringing more peace in your life surrounding your birth(s). This is an area of your life that directly affects every other area of your life. The energy invested in our experience(s) has begun re-investing itself and you are helping by making conscious choices about where to invest it.

The Fourth-Trimester Package $1850.00

I have only a few slots available for this package of private coaching sessions – these are interactive sessions where you and I work together specifically on what comes up for YOU.  We talk  by phone once a week for 9 sessions over 12 weeks to help support your journey to peace.

With the purchase of this package you and I will work together to find a time that works with your schedule.

With this package you receive:

  1. My Coming to Peace with a Less-Than-Peaceful Birth Workbook. This will be mailed to you via snail-mail following our first session.
  2. 9 private one-on-one clarity calls over the course of 12 weeks.
  3. Email me anything you would like to see addressed – great for those days between calls that something comes up and you want to be sure it is addressed during our next call.

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The First Month Postpartum Package: $149.00

Save over 15% on group calls when you buy a series of four.
It does not matter if you gave birth last week or in the last 10 decades. You can benefit from having support as you invest your energy into your new systems. I have room on our conference line for 10 people who want to work together for a month, much as we did today. Everyone can send in the topics for which they want group intention and we will work on them together.

With this package you receive:

  1. Four weekly group calls or their recordings if you can’t be there live – scheduled Tuesdays at 12pm Eastern
  2. The ability to add items into our bundle for focus on the call.

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Monthly Events

Monthly Coming to Peace With a Less-Than-Peaceful Birth webinar

Our focus is on healing any feelings of betrayal surrounding pregnancy or birth.

When: Every 3rd Tuesday at 12pm Eastern

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Where: Your computer or phone

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Cost: $45