Showers and sunshine


April brings such a variety of weather to those of us in the northern hemisphere –  a strong thunderstorm followed by abundant sunshine brings such a fresh feeling to the world. The release of pent-up energy and lots of clean water does great things for your body, too! This past weekend I was leading a workshop in the San Diego California area and I snapped this photo while taking a morning walk. That fresh clean-air feeling reminded me so much of the clearing people get when they release past traumas. They often say they are breathing much better when we are done, though they did not know they were not breathing well when we started. I love that we don’t have to know about a problem to improve our body’s relationship with it! I was incredibly honored to work with midwives from the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute (AAMI) while in California. Their dedication to creating a truly safe and welcoming place for a family’s sacred event is inspirational. The students do tons of hands-on work and study to be prepared on the physical level and now they are using Mindset Creator workshops to create clarity in themselves and support on the emotional level as well. 

Knowing you are able to be truly present with the woman in front of you and have the tools to know what to do when you don’t know what to do is such a wonderful way to fulfill your mission of support and respect while in their birth-space. Three cheers for the women of AAMI!If you work with others and want to bring clarity and your best self to that relationship check out the schedule below to join me at a workshop or webinar to become a Mindset Creator.You can work along with my Free Balancing Act Kit to create your mindset from a place of clarity — (click here to get it if you haven’t already done this!)

Mindset Coolness — Click here to read this story showing how research has shown that you DO glow. Everyone uses the term, but did you know it is measurable (not to be confused with only-now-in-existence!)?

I love traveling this adventure with you!


Upcoming Mindset Creator Events

Monthly Active Mindset Creator Calls – next one April 16th

This series of calls are for those who have taken a Mindset Creator Course with me in the past or are working with me in private sessions.  The calls are an opportunity to ask questions, harness group energy to facilitate shifts, and gain clarity. Contact if you need directions on how to connect.

 Midwife Mindset workshops being planned across the USA and beyond!

This workshop is geared towards individuals working with women who are undergoing one of the most powerful shifts in their lives – birth! Clear birth traumas and gain clarity so you can be the best, most present midwife ever.

If you are interested in hosting a Midwife Mindset workshop in your area contact

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