Spring, no… winter, no… spring!


The whiplash of seasons many in the US are experiencing is so similar to what life can be like when you are a victim of your emotions. Up, down, cold, hot, dry, wet… all in one week or in some cases one day! This picture was taken at a tiny country church nearby where we attended a concert with family and friends. The blossoming branches convey spring – the wet barely-above-freezing weather was another message! 

Are you sending yourself mixed messages?

How do you know if you are a victim of your own emotions? A victim might:

  • Blame weather, circumstances, or even other people for how they feel at any given time
  • Believe another person’s actions can ‘ruin’ their entire day/week/month/life
  • Beat themselves up with a litany of “should have, could have” over pastactions or emotions

What choice do you have?

As an active mindset creator you can choose to: 

  • Decide how you want to feel no matter the weather, circumstances, or others actions and take action to create your new mindset
  • Choose to focus on what you can do to create the day/week/month you want
  • Recognize that past actions were based on old information and move forward making new choices now that you ‘know better’ than you did back then – without judging yourself for where you were and what you knew at the time.

Choosing your mindset does not mean there will never be highs or lows, ups and downs. It does mean that the swings between are not as hard on you and you recover from the extremes faster. It takes a conscious choice AND action to create your new mindset. The stress hormones you don’t release prolong your life and the quality of it. Think of the energy you will save by not blaming yourself for not knowing more when you, well… didn’t. If you feel your highs and lows are victimizing you, you might find that some simple energy balancing exercises like those in my Free Balancing Act Kit help. Create your ideal mindset from a place of balance and clarity — (click here to get it if you haven’t already done this!) and join myself and other mindset creators at a workshop or webinar.If you have a story about how mindset shifts have changed your life please send it to me along with your wish to keep it either private, anonymous, or shared to inspire.Lorilori@MindsetCreator.com 

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