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A quick news tidbit… News: I love helping people with Active Mindset Creation (ok, so that part is not news!) AND I have a passion for pregnant and birthing mommas.Why this is important: I have been giving a session on Healing Birth Traumas at midwifery conferences for years. I love that session, and have integrated it into my Midwife Mindset workshops.I have seen time and time again that healing one’s birth traumas can often leave a person feeling stronger, more empowered, and with a real sense of peace in their heart. Why this is exciting:

  • It doesn’t matter if you gave birth last week or in the last century – this can help you come to peace with any aspect that still troubles you.
  • I would love for every momma to have a real sense of peace surrounding their birth expereience(s) so my new series of calls is open to every mom — you do not have to have attended a workshop with me previously to attend.
  • You also do not have to leave home – it is by phone or webcast, so all can attend.
  • I also have SO MUCH to talk about when it comes to birth and mommas that I am giving those calls and conversations a home of their own at Birthing Peace Within. Visit here on the web or here for facebook.
I am so grateful for the women that joined me on the Coming To Peace With A Less Than Peaceful Birth call this week. Next month’s call is slated for July 10th and registration is ready now at this link. We will review a different aspect of your birth(s) each month, so even if you have already attended, I invite you to join us again as we peel away the layers that keep you feeling separated from peace within.

Speaking of gratitude…
<<< THIS is what I was grateful for recently. I still am, really.

This little tire, waiting in the back of my daughter’s car, in case she needed it. And she did. 

We had an incredibly busy week of concerts, recitals, and travel. My daughter had put hundreds of miles on her car that week, driving back and forth to rehearsals. Then the car tire went flat just as we were just finishing this crazy week. Some might say it was luck that we were DONE with the last concert, AND we were following her in our car, AND my husband was with us (not that we can’t change a tire, but we were all in our concert outfits which can complicate the process by the side of the road!).

Luck or coincidence or karma or whatever you call it, I could physically feel myself taking what I call a Gratitude Selfie. A snapshot in time that if things are looking tough in my life (and they will, I am sure) I can recall this moment and the gratitude that came with it. And smile, knowing that if I can find that one grateful piece in a situation I can begin to shift my attitude.

When the tire went flat I was simultaneously grateful that:

  • she was driving slowly when it went flat
  • it was only mildly hot
  • it was not raining
  • we were not ON THE WAY to the concert
  • there was a place to pull off
  • we were following her
  • her spare had air
  • someone was in pants that would not be ruined by kneeling on gravel

So in my mind I can consciously reinforce the knowing that if life ever feels like “it is just one thing after another” or that “this situation will not work out” I can flip through my gratitude selfies and recall that things DO work out, and I can make it a habit to live in gratitude even when we are by the side of the road. In the greater scheme of life’s challenges this was a small one – but I love to add those little ones to my GS (Gratitude Selfie) collection – it all adds up!

Realize that sometimes your gratitude selfie list might only be one item long, something like: “I am still breathing, so there is time to try again.” It can be that simple. Really.

Side note and back storyI met a man once in an auto parts store who was looking pretty “down” – you could see he was just dragging – I asked him if things were looking up anytime soon. He replied “I have not yet assumed room temperature, so there is still hope”  and we both laughed – a real, deep down laugh …and already life was better.  

I realize as I am writing this that I have quite a bit of gratitude surrounding cars and car parts… very funny. Quick GS – I am grateful for cars. 

How can we nurture our gratitude? 

Can you create gratitude selfies when:

  • You have a moment of everything just working out?
  • Things are going badly but there is one bright spot?
  • You are feeling ‘lucky’?

Next time things are hard, try finding:

  • One reason to be grateful
  • A conscious way to recall this moment of gratitude next time things are hard
  • A place to write down these moments if you think recalling them later will not be as simple as thinking about it. A Gratitude Journal is an awesome tool.
If you are struggling to find the gratitude in a challenging situation you might find that some simple energy balancing exercises like those in the Free Balancing Act Kit help. Create your ideal mindset from a place of balance and clarity — (click here to get it if you haven’t already done this!) and join myself and other mindset creators at a workshop or webinar.

If you have a story about how mindset shifts have changed your life please send it to me along with your wish to keep it either private, anonymous, or shared to inspire.


PS:If you weren’t able to attend this week’s Active Mindset Creation call be sure to register ahead of time for the July 8th call. Write to to get that taken care of right now!

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Coming To Peace With A Less Than Peaceful Birth 

Did you write a lovely birth plan that you were excited about yet the reality was nothing like your dream? Do you feel what actually occurred was unrecognizable or feel your plans were thwarted at every turn?Carrying around the pain, anger, and shame from that experience can feel like a heavy weight. People after don’t even realize how heavy it is.
What would life be like if you could let go of that weight?  What if it were possible to release the past without reliving it? 
That is exactly what I am offering in these calls. Join us for a call or register ahead of time and send in your topics to have them addressed on the recording which is for attendees only. Every month we will visit a different aspect of your birth(s) as you come to peace with either different births or different aspects of one less-than-peaceful experience.
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